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snow pea, i am

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girl talon, it's been awhile [Jul. 3rd, 2007|09:02 pm]
snow pea, i am
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i'm lame and over dramatic
eat here:

Girl Talon

Do you tea-dip every bake crumb the same?
Taste the age, then wait till its young teenage nectar sweet-coats your carpet throat?
You like to barnacle your relationships, love suck a puppy dry.
Yes, you can part my hair to the side; hell no, I wont cut it.

The serpent lies really tight-wrapped my melon,
Folded its smooth channels till naïve juices soft-purred to the tune you liked.
You are safe house; I am orphan that can’t stomach a bread roll.
I leeched your leg, held, and didn’t let go for the longest time.

The Sightful Mole dug a black hole in my sprouting field of memories,
But now I am only left with finger stains and a half-loving shell I call body.
I’ll never feed you again.
Bait at my window, I’ll paint over the glass.